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QUIZ: Which of These Photos are Jamie Lloyd Productions and Which One is the Neutral Void in Which I Astral Project?

by HaleyJane Rose. @haleyisfamous.

Olivier Award-Winning director Jamie Lloyd, is taking the theatre world by storm once again with his reimagined Sunset Boulevard on the West End. Lloyd is known for his iconic minimalistic style, stripping back elaborate sets in favor of hollow, neutral spaces - which are eerily reminiscent of the blank void in which my consciousness separates from my physical body and moves through the astral plane. Ummm can you say awkward!?

But don’t invoke the assistance of chthonic deities to protect my wandering soul just yet! Avoid any pesky mix-ups by taking this quiz to see if you know which photos are of critical hits produced by the tattooed thespian, and which is home to my celestial body.


If you answered “Jamie Lloyd” you’d be correct! This is 2019’s Regent's Park Open Air Theatre and Barbican production of Evita. No esoteric philosophies here! Just a cool toned subliminal space where the cast of Evita play out her rise to power - much like the way my spirit rises from my resting mortal body to wander to places unknown.


Don’t worry! Beezlebub, the demon of envy, hasn’t taken advantage of your vulnerable vibrations and cut the silver cord that connects you to your physical being. Phew! It’s just Betrayal starring Tom Hiddleston, Zawe Ashton, Charlie Cox, and a void so gray you’ll confuse it with your stainless steel fridge.


You can cease your raucous applause; there are no acclaimed British directors sauntering behind-the-scenes here! Welcome to the neutral void in which I astral project. This is where my mind travels betwixt realms, abandoning my corporeal form. But wait… is that… 43 year old director Jamie Lloyd, beckoning me to follow him beyond the abyss? Uh oh!


If you guessed, “this is a production made possible by the Jamie Lloyd Company,” you’ve got it baby! 2023’s A Doll House stars Jessica Chastain, a rotating gray gray stage, and, uh… me? In the shadows… a double of my face, the same but paler, more haunted, lingers in the wings. And Jamie, eyes turning red, inked neck bobbing with laughter, is there enticing me to follow deeper into his dark realm.


Well, this is weird. I’ve never seen this production before? But it appears to be a soul-stirring yet visually subdued production of Hello, Dolly!

But this Jamie Lloyd production doesn’t exi– oh, no. Just beyond the tableaux, beyond the ashen curtains stands Poole-born director Jamie Lloyd, cackling through his razor sharp teeth, tattooed arms gripped around my sullen doppelgänger. He has lured me too far into his web of dreams… the world is gray, and so are my Sunday Clothes.

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