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QUIZ: Is He In Love With You, or Just The Only Straight Guy In Your Musical Theatre BFA?

by HaleyJane Rose. @haleyisfamous.

You’re in the cast’s energy circle before your final dress rehearsal of Godspell, and you end up next to him. His hand lingers in yours just a moment longer than you anticipated. Surely he went out of his way to be near you. But then again, how can you know if he’s truly into you, when he greets all of his female classmates with a kiss on the cheek?

Take this quiz to find out whether he’s the Jamie to your Cathy or just the only straight guy in your musical theatre BFA program:

During rehearsals for romantic scenes, he:

A. Follows the script and kisses you where the playwright intended the actors to kiss.

B. Stares deep into your eyes, breaks character and says, “I think I’m falling for you.”

C. Never marks your staged kiss. Plus, he offers to rehearse with every girl whenever their scene partner is out.

After juries, when you celebrate with your class at the diner, he:

A. Looks you in the eye when you’re telling a story.

B. Sits next to you, holds your hand and says “I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my days by your side.”

C. Has his arm around the girl who just played Clara in Light in the Piazza, but definitely made a point of walking over to you and asking to hang out sometime while she was in the bathroom, so...

After a really intense Meisner class, he:

A. Tells you “great work today, see you around.”

B. Finds you after class to make sure you’re coping with the emotional stress that reliving past trauma can cause. Then tells you, “I’ve always loved you.”

C. Visits you at your dorm to tell you how much he admires you and hopes to work with you soon. He says the same thing to the girl across the hall, and the girl in 5A, and the girl you’re pretty sure is a Physics major, but maybe he’s just really passionate about pursuing one’s craft.

When you show a photo of the two of you to your friends at home they say:

A. “Oh yeah, he looks like a guy.” So then you scroll, hunting through all of your photos of him because you “swear he’s cute, that’s just not a good picture of him.”

B. “Wow, he’s exceptionally handsome. And look, he’s mouthing ‘I love you, and you will always be mine’ while painting you two dancing on top of the Eiffel Tower.”

C. You don’t actually have any pictures of just the two of you. He’s only ever laying across the floor in a mock-sexy pose in the front row of group pics with all women. Does posing like a TV sorority girl make him funny? Has he ever shown true vulnerability?

If you answered:

Mostly A’s: He’s just a straight man. An average man. Stop reading into this.

Mostly B’s: Congratulations, he’s in love with you!

Mostly C’s: I’m sorry. He’s hooked up with every girl in your program, so maybe you should just try dating someone in the History department to save yourself from the incestuous circle you’d become a part of by dating him.


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