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"The Queen’s Gambit" Musical Provides Exciting Performance Opportunities for Total of Three Women

by Emily Elizabeth Jones. @EJonesy__.

NEW YORK, NY - Level Forward has recently announced they will be adapting Walter Tevis’ novel and its acclaimed Netflix adaptation, The Queen’s Gambit, for the stage, giving three different women the exciting opportunity to sing next to a large ensemble of men.

“Beth Harmon’s story about a troubled drug addicted orphan turned chess prodigy is an inspiring one that practically screams Broadway,” explained Level Forward producer Mick Leighton, awfully proud of himself. “We’re just so happy to bring this feminist story about one woman and the men who help her along the way to life!”

James Lapine, famed Broadway director known for the unforgettable 2012 revival of Annie, was the best man available to tell Beth Harmon’s radical tale, sources confirmed.

“We’re all aware this is a woman’s story, but in my experience, female orphans always need help from men” exclaimed Lapine while pointing to a photo of himself dressed as Daddy Warbucks. “We’re aiming to shine a light on the men who aided her in achieving her dreams, giving male audience members a reason to care about the show.”

Mary McCormick, a non-union character actress, was particularly excited about auditioning for Beth’s witty orphan friend, Jolene.

“In the mini series, Jolene disappears for most of Beth’s adult life, only to come back just in time for the ‘big 11 o’clock number’,” explained McCormick while scrolling unpaid opportunities on “I’m hopeful the composers are cooking up some type of ‘Brotherhood of Man’ anthem that Jolene can sing with all the men before disappearing.”

At press time, the musical's composers noted that the third female character, Alma, "was only a part of Beth’s life for a short amount of time, so it’s crucial to the story that she kicks the bucket before intermission." The creative team emphasized that they were excited about reinvigorating Broadway with this new, woman centric story that just barely passes the Bechdel test.


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