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Another Nepo Baby? Actor’s Dad is THAT Big Bubble

by Hannah Lieberman. @hannahexceptbackwards.

NEW YORK, NY – Actress Ophelia Steinway is the latest thespian to face scrutiny for her familial advantage in the industry, with critics saying the so-called “nepo baby” wouldn’t enjoy such success if not for her dad: long-time stage performer Ned “Big Bubble” Steinway.

“When I heard her last name and put it together, I was like oh, that explains it,” said George Morrison, Steinway’s former scene partner at Stella Adler. “She was like, just ok, but then right after graduation she gets a guest spot on the Blue's Clues reboot? What the hell?”

Morrison, a waiter at Grey Dog who’s “really close to getting an agent" said other classmates reacted strongly to the news of Steinway’s connections.

“Good for her, I guess,” stated fellow classmate Lisa Tendon, a nanny who films self-tapes while the kids are napping. “I still can’t believe her dad is Big Bubble. I mean, I worshipped him growing up! Must be nice. I just landed the role of ‘concession stand bartender’ at an off-off-off-Broadway theater, so hopefully that’ll lead to bigger and better things! So, so happy for Ophelia, though.”

Ned “Big Bubble” Steinway is mostly known for his leading role in The Gazillion Bubble Show, but his resume includes everything from gritty independent films to musical theater to Emmy-winning television series, including an acclaimed stint as The Dirty Bubble in SpongeBob SquarePants.

In what he calls one of the more "challenging" roles of his career, Mr. Steinway played the boulder in Raiders of The Lost Ark with the help of a physical combat coach and heavy prosthetics.

Meanwhile, Ms. Steinway says she’s earned every role she’s gotten.

“I mean yeah, I grew up knowing lots of famous people. To me he’s just Uncle Steve, not ‘Mr. Spielberg,'” said Steinway while heading to a facial for what she described as a much-needed me day. “But I’m also, like, super dedicated to my craft.”

Ms. Steinway will make her Off-Broadway debut in March, in a production of Titus Andronicus her father is directing and co-producing (early reviews are largely positive, as Mr. Steinway is known for his love of spectacle - gory, bubbly, or otherwise). But she maintains no nepotism factored into her casting.

“Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but some of us are just born to be stars.”


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