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Middle School Teacher and Former Actor Lives in Constant Fear of Day Students Google Her

by Sara Detrik. @saradetrik.

STAMFORD, Conn. - Katie Weatherby, a middle school English teacher at Stamford West Day School and a former actor, disclosed to The Broadway Beat that she constantly lives in fear of the day her pre-teen students Google her name and discover her past, sources confirmed.

“Everyone kept saying ‘use a stage name’, but I wanted to be my most authentic self,” noted Weatherby while carefully laying her ‘I Shake it for Shakespeare’ poster over the classroom door window. “Besides, three people took different variations of the name I wanted - Peaches Galore. What am I supposed to do the day they search me and discover my haunting truth?”

Weatherby fears that once her students discover her string of bad acting jobs, nothing will be the same. We Googled her ourselves to see just how bad it was, and after sifting past her LinkedIn and landing on an ID Discovery piece, as well as three self taped auditions from 2009, we came to the conclusion that this would indeed be devastating for Weatherby’s image among the student body. 

Lawrence Jefferson, the school's principal and Weatherby’s employer, confessed that this is always a problem for struggling actors who turn to education.

“Our teachers don’t have much authority as it is,” confessed Principal Jefferson. “If they smell even a hint of desperation, these pubescent monsters will deny anyone the meager amount of power our teachers possess. Ms. Weatherby is a ticking time bomb - it’s only a matter of time before these kids learn what only God and the devil should know.”

We asked her students if they’ve ever thought about looking Weatherby up online.

“Honestly, we already have,” noted 7th grader Fernando Grace. “We know all about her past, but after seeing the Stamford Herald pan her Liesel as ‘a stale cardboard cut out of an ingenue’, we decided to keep it to ourselves. She’s been through enough.”

At press time, multiple students have confessed to seeing Weatherby on the shelves of Trader Joe’s as a laxative brand spokeswoman, deciding to also keep this to themselves as she actually looks pretty cool on the bottle. Weatherby notes that this was actually a recent gig she took - one that ultimately paid more than her monthly salary as a teacher.


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