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Ivo van Hove Seething with Jealousy Over John King's Magic Wall

by Brian Cudina. @briancudina.

AMSTERDAM - Tony Award winning theater Director Ivo van Hove, best known for directing multi-media plays such as Network and the recent West Side Story revival, was seen going on a verbal tirade against CNN’s Chief National Correspondent John King during coverage of the US election, frightened sources confirmed.

“How has he gotten more praise in three nights than I have in 40 years?” shouted van Hove to confused teenagers in Amsterdam. “He has two large iPads and everyone is freaking out. I had a shirtless cameraman in the rain. Nobody wished me ‘goodnight sweet prince.’”

Van Hove is known for using new technology in his plays, such as large LCD screens and live camera footage on stage. CNN’s John King has risen to prominence as the stoic silver fox whose sultry late night commentary includes reminding America that Allegheny county has more ballots to count. After identifying where Amsterdam is on the world map, King responded to van Hove’s comments with his usual sense of calm.

“I may have more fans than him, I may not,” said King. “We won’t be sure until all the thirsty tweets and memes come in. Until then, I ask for patience as you watch me walk two feet and repeat the information I told you five minutes ago.”

King has been gaining large praise on social media for his constant election updates using the “magic wall”.

“I’ve felt more adrenaline watching John King turn a gray shape light blue than I did watching a relatively unknown Saoirse Ronan expose witches in The Crucible,” tweeted fan Shannon Walls.

In response, van Hove is set to direct a revival of 1776 where every actor performs their scenes into their own laptop cameras, not realizing this is just a live reading.


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