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Glass House Tavern is Like Our "Cheers," Except They Don't Know Us There

by Caitlin Bitzegaio. @caitorade.

NEW YORK, NY - Theater fans and aspiring Broadway stars alike are flocking to the 47th street eatery Glass House Tavern, which drama student Amber Orn said “is like our Cheers, except they don’t know us there.”

“This is so my Cheers,” said up-and-coming playwright Beth Yang, as she read her Kindle by herself before trying to get rush tickets to The Cottage. “They always anticipate that I’m going to order a food or beverage item when I come here. That’s my MO around these parts.”

Yang elaborated that in much the same way that the characters on the 1980s NBC sitcom visited the bar every day, she and her friends had been to Glass House Tavern three, maybe four, times this year and enjoyed the bar every time.

“They even say my name when I walk in,” said Hamilton fanatic Chris Nance, referring to the Cheers theme song’s promise that "everybody knows your name." “I mean, yeah, it was just one guy and he thought I was someone else he knew named Chris. It’s an extremely common name. Still, I’m pretty much the Norm here.”

Patrons cite the friendly staff as a prime factor in their loyalty to the restaurant.

“The bartender Bill is like our Sam,” Orn said, referring to Sam Malone, the lead character of Cheers played by Ted Danson. “He is so funny and nice! He’s part of why we come here before every Broadway show.”

When asked for comment, Bill commented, “My name is Frank.”

In keeping with the Cheers similarities, these treasured times are coming to an end for some.

“Much like Frasier, I’m moving to Seattle next week. It really feels like the end of an era,” said Nance, wistfully looking around the bar where no one made eye contact with him or responded to what he said. “It’s also similar to Cheers because I saw Kelsey Grammer here once."


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