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Hmm: Friend Playing Fast and Loose with Term "Off-Broadway"

by Sarah Lasko. @saraheleora.

NEW YORK, NY. – Brooklyn-based actor Cormac Hancock recently announced on social media that he would finally be making his Off-Broadway debut in a brand new musical, with the jury still out on his somewhat reckless definition of "Off-Broadway."

“I always knew he’d make it big,” exclaimed Hancock’s aunt, Karen Fitz, after telling her coworkers that her nephew was starring on the Great White Way. “And I had no idea they were turning Left Behind into a dance musical! I already bought my seat, and the two drink tickets required for entry.” 

Other followers were more hesitant about the news. 

“Congrats to him, that’s great,” remarked friend Katrina Olson, while silently pointing at the Wix logo watermark on the musical’s website. “I’m just a little… are we defining Off-Broadway as something that is just... not Broadway? Or are we following stricter guidelines here?” 

Hancock revealed that the production will have plenty of surprises to shock and delight audiences.

“I’m not gonna say there’s partial nudity," he told us during a set-painting session that followed an hour-long rehearsal of his hula hoop solo in Act Two. "But I’m not not gonna say it. Following equity rules, of course! No I don't know which equity.”

At press time, spirits of those around the show were high.

 “We’re ready to get this thing in front of audiences as soon as possible,” Hancock declared. “Because the restaurant we’re performing in has a lot of reservations and needs the space.”


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