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Five Audition Songs Jessica Vosk Hasn’t Covered Yet That Oh Nevermind She Just Did Them

Emily Elizabeth Jones. @EJonesy__.

Finding a new audition song is always tricky, especially when Broadway’s Jessica Vosk seems to cover most of them better than you ever could! Here’s a list of foolproof audition songs that Broadway’s favorite Elphaba hasn’t covered yet, which you - oh, looks like she just did them. We already wrote the list though, so, enjoy I guess.

1. “You Will Still Be Mine” - Waitress

I know every Jessie Mueller look alike out there has riskily thrown a Waitress song into their rep book, including Jessica Vosk. There aren’t many Sara Bareilles songs out there that Vosk probably hasn’t thought about covering, but there is one! The abusive, scary husband’s baritone song is still avail! Wait… it’s a villain song? Ok she’s definitely doing right now. Proceed with caution.

2. Anything pre-Folklore - Taylor Swift

It’s so important to throw a sensible pop song in your book, but it’s hard to find one when Jessica Vosk riffs better and belts higher than you any day of the week. A simple TSwift song with a 3 note range like “Shake It Off” would be PERFECT. But please stay away from Folklore or Evermore or anything indie enough before I refresh Vosk’s Youtube channel...nevermind.

3. “What It Means to Be a Friend” - 13 The Musical

It’s no secret that Vosk and JRB are BFFs which makes picking a JRB song for your book impossible. How can you compete with someone who was in the OBC of Bridges of Madison County?! Look no further than 13 The Musical! Don’t be thrown by the fact that Ariana Grande was in the original cast and sang “The Wizard in I” on NBC’s A Very Wicked Halloween Special that one time… ok maybe this was a bad idea.. Abort! Abort!!!

4. Any song from Cats

Although we’ve all seen Vosk sing “Pharaoh Story'' at Lincoln Center, I’m here to tell you that Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber isn’t off the table completely! Please avoid songs from Joseph (dynamite Lincoln Center Performance) or Evita (Broadway Diva Material). Thankfully the Cats score is still available! The best part is that you can pick any song you want like “The Rum Tum Tugger” or “Bustopher Jones'' or ...damn, she posted a medley on her instagram story. I guess just pick a song from his 1975 smash hit Jeeves or something.

5. “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" - La La Land

I get it, Pasek and Paul are trendy as heck which means none of their material is safe from a Vosk cover. But there is one potential option: Emma Stone’s rousing anthem from La La Land. This song barely needs to be sung, which means it’s probably not on Vosk’s radar. Wait, she performed in a La La Land benefit concert last night? And invited all of your closest friends and family members? While wearing your Junior year prom dress? And replaced your name with hers on your resume?

Well, you’ve officially been “Vosked” and I think it’s time to pick a new career path. I heard she worked in finance once, maybe try that.


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