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We’re Ready to Eat But Freestyle Love Supreme Won’t Stop Freestyling About What They're Thankful For

by Steven Verdile. Instagram @StevenVerdileCreative, Twitter @StevenVerdile.

NEW YORK, NY - When The Broadway Beat team sat down for thanksgiving dinner with some industry talent, we thought it’d be a nice gesture to start off by going around the table sharing some gratitudes. However, we can now report that the Freestyle Love Supreme cast offered to go first, and nineteen minutes later, they’re still rambling and rhyming away.

“♪ So grateful that we’re able to be at this table,

Our plates full, but wait before you take a taste bro ♪” rapped the tall one as he stared down one of our writers, who had just failed to sneak an early bite of her mashed potatoes.

She tried to interrupt them, but their relentless expressions of melodic thankfulness could not be contained, even as she asked “are you guys almost finish- no? Oh… ok… continue…”

“♪ Cornbread, turkey, we are like a family, you are like the stuffing and I am like the cranberry ♪” rapped another one of their seemingly multiplying members.

“That simile doesn’t even make any sense!” exclaimed the entire BroadwayBeat team in unison. While our dishes were starting to get cold, their performance was seemingly just warming up.

“♪ Pilgrims, footballs, pumpkins, grandmas, scarves and belts and jeans and grandpas ♪

They gestured to our team to give them some more words to freestyle with, but we simply looked down shamefully. “You’re just listing nouns!” we yelled. Still, they persisted.

♪ Grass and wind, uh pies and cranberry, wait we already said that, yeah we love cranberry ♪

It was becoming embarrassing for all involved at this point. Their beatboxer had finally run out of breath, and as he took a sip of water, the group's rapping slowed. They desperately looked for someone to chime in with a beat, but our staff stood together and refused to enable their whimsical behavior.

It seemed they had finally finished their ceremony. Just as we were ready to chow down to flavor town, there was a subtle “tisk tisk” noise, and then a couple glass dings. New guests burst in with silverware clanking, and the supreme freestylers returned to rhyming.

You thought we were done and about to stop, but look who’s here, it's the cast of Stomp!


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