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Director Hopes It’s Clear That Character Who's Always Wearing Scrubs is a Nurse

by Kath Dunham. @kathdunham.

NEW YORK, NY - Local, acclaimed theatre director Nicole Scott expressed her hope this morning that audiences pick up on the fact that the character who’s always wearing scrubs is a nurse, the director confirmed.

“I was really worried that this character wouldn’t be clear to the audience,” said Scott. “So, I made sure she would wear her scrubs inside, outside, at home, out to dinner, and even during the one scene where all the characters are on a boat. I wanted it to be clear as possible: this woman is a nurse.”

According to the play’s costume designer, it took weeks for the creative team to decide whether the scrubs should be green or blue, but they always knew they would be scrubs. Actress Maya Provost, who plays the nurse in question, explained her process tapping into the character.

“Nicole really encouraged me to hammer home lines like, ‘My shift at the hospital was busy today,’ or, ‘One of my patients recovered today which was a big relief,’ to make it clear I’m playing a nurse,” said Provost. “Plus, I’m always wearing scrubs which, helps. I also have a stethoscope - which real nurses don’t have - but really screams ‘medicine!’”

The simplistic costuming decision reportedly saved the production thousands of dollars. Following the play’s first previews, audience member Rett Schermerhorn reported he liked that the nurse wears scrubs.

“I thought it was really helpful!” said Schermerhorn. “Seeing her constantly wearing those scrubs was a helpful little reminder that, oh yeah, she’s a nurse! Who always wears scrubs! Just like a real nurse!”

At press time, Scott was making a character who is a construction worker wear a hard hat even though the audience never sees him on-site.


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