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Justice Served: Denny's Employees Loudly Cook Hamburgers in Audience of High School Musical

by Audrey Clark. @audreynotfunny.

DOLTON, IL - Tables were turned last night at Thornridge High School’s production of Anything Goes, when a gang of rowdy Denny’s employees burst into the auditorium and began loudly cooking hamburgers, cracking jokes, and generally being an absolute nuisance.

“We figured it was time to get our revenge,” yelled Denny’s assistant manager Allan Podge, over the sound of sizzling onions. “For too many years we’ve had to put up with high school theatre kids taking over our restaurant after a show. Now it’s our turn!”

Leslibel Chu, a Thornridge senior who was set to debut as Reno Sweeney, was less than pleased with the development.

“God, with these Denny’s kids!” she complained, counting the seconds until intermission. “Here we are, just trying to get through the night performing a classic razzle-dazzle Cole Porter musical, and in comes a full party of line cooks with a commercial grade grill, making a huge scene. Can't they read the room?"

Elderly audience member George Brantley expressed his own disappointment with the unexpected visitors.

"I just wanted a nice night at the theatre," said Brantley, begrudgingly digging into a large serving of Moons Over My Hammy. "I can barely hear the show over the sound of these Denny's employees chopping up ingredients, gossiping about sous-chef auditions, and yelling 'order up!' every time a new character steps onstage."

At press time, The Broadway Beat reached out to Denny's hostess Stephanie Rupa - who organized the event - but she was unable to comment as she was busy having a way too public make-out session.


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