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Daylight Saving Time Brings Chaos to the 11 O'Clock Number

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

by Ryan Kristopik. @ryankristopik.

NEW YORK, NY -  With Daylight Savings on the horizon and all clocks looking to “spring ahead” by an hour this weekend, performers and theatergoers alike have been left scrambling to adjust each musical’s 11 O’Clock Number to the big reset.

“Every year this thing’s a mess,” lamented Winter Garden Theatre Front of House Manager, Randal Gomez. “Any slight adjustment and people go nutso. You got late patrons hopping over each other during ‘Baby June and Her Newsboys’, you got people using the restrooms during ‘If Mamma Was Married’ which, frankly, is Hell come to roost. What’s the opposite of Broadway Magic? Because this is that."

Computer software often adjusts clocks automatically, but actors have proven to have a difficult time adapting to the change. Florette Cassidy, a veteran actress and Law & Order day player, shared her experiences.

“Look, I am a creature of habit. I have a BFA. I don’t like to disrupt my rituals. I need exactly 18 minutes of lip trills before ‘Rose’s Turn’ or I’m completely lost," she noted when she should have been on stage. "So what if I have to run to my dressing room and grab my vocal score? The audience loves it! Living, breathing theatre! And that is why they pay $148 per ticket plus Ticketmaster fees for Rear Balcony."

Miscoordination in any aspect of a live production can raise tensions. However, some team members had unexpected responses.

“Yes, it’s an alarming and almost nauseating amount of vamping” remarked pit Clarinetist, Alexandra Fields. “But my God - it’s productive. This time of year, I usually have enough time to complete a few online modules towards my MBA during each performance. There's just so much confusion because of this one little change, nobody notices." Fields is expected to graduate in the Spring with honors.

At press time, Broadway theatre staff members urged ticket holders to, if all else fails, cross-reference the digital clock outside of Junior’s Cheesecake to ensure accuracy and prevent widespread panic.


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