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Sad! This Dancer Didn’t Post About Her Class at BDC and Now She’s Been Exiled

by Emily Jones. @ejonesy__.

NEW YORK, NY – Aspiring Broadway theatre actor Annie Shepherd has been exiled from the theatrical community following the decision to not publicly post about her dance instructor’s combo to “Being Alive” in her Advanced Tap class, dutiful sources confirmed.

“I provide a safe space for dancers to do what they do best: post videos of themselves dancing,” revealed instructor Beth Hill while sliding into the splits, on her left side. "As a dancer/choreographer/brand ambassador for thin people, her actions were in total disregard to my livelihood.”

Sources report that Shepherd “went for drinks with friends” after class, confirmed by her own instagram account. This devastating exile came just days after the 34th National Dance Day of the year.

Suzie Carson, a seasoned regular in Hill’s class, was appalled to hear of Shepherd’s behavior,

“She broke one of the two cardinal sins of broadway dance: always post about your exclusive dance classes online, and full out, or get the hell out,” stated Hill while reviewing the opening number of A Chorus Line on her IG live. “To her I say: good riddance and good luck finding work in whatever swing state you waltzed out of.”

It was reported that other studios like Steps on Broadway have also put her on the “Do Not Dance” list. Liz Quentin, a local character actress/mover, last saw Annie attempting to infiltrate her Beginner Tap class.

“My mother always told me that when it comes to Broadway dance, you're either a dancer or a second class citizen with EMC points,” explained Quentin while scrubbing floors of BDC and whispering “thank you”. “But people like Shepherd? Her disgusting choices fall beneath EMC status, to the lowest level of humanity: non-union.”

Sources report that Shepherd has found solace in the improv community, who cannot afford to exile a person with talent.


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