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Uh-Oh: "Company" Audience Member Forgets to Bring Patti LuPone’s Paycheck

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - Chaos today as a random audience member at Broadway’s Company has reportedly left Patti LuPone’s paycheck at home.

“I can’t believe I forgot her check, she’s used to having a random audience member hand deliver it each night, straight from their own bank account,” noted the audience member, who possessed enough sociopathic bravery to not wear a mask when everyone around them is. “It’s gonna suck not being able to join the deposit line and hand it directly to Patti after the show, like everyone always does.”

At press time, The Broadway Beat were asked to issue a correction, in that the checks do not go directly from the audience to Patti’s hand, but rather to Chris Harper, who collects them and direct deposits the cash into her account.

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