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Conscientious Bootlegger Retroactively Puts Black Dress Over TAKE ME OUT Nudity

by Luke Maynus. @luke.maynus.

Following the recent news of India’s film censors digitally imposing a CGI black dress over Florence Pugh’s nude scenes in the film, Oppenheimer, some theatre bootleggers have taken it upon themselves to uphold the same standards. Most notably, prominent YouTuber “SlimeTutorialTrent”, and his bootleg of the Broadway revival of Take Me Out.

“At first I didn’t think the news was applicable to me at all. I mean, Oppenheimer is one of the biggest box office hits of the year, which contains only three nude scenes, and my bootleg of Take Me Out currently has 14 views, and contains a never ending barrage of immorally captured unleashed ween," explained SlimeTutorialTrent, currently studying YouTube analytics that seemed to only be going down. “Not to say that I was personally put off by the amount of baloney ponies out to pasture, but I realized covering them up could stir up some controversy, and give me some much needed exposure - or I mean- attention.”

Despite SlimeTutorialTrent’s conviction, some members of the film and theatre communities have condemned the censorship, claiming the nudity is imperative to the integrity of the story. Regardless of the backlash, it is clear that the media attention surrounding this controversy has led to an increase in engagement, as SlimeTutorialTrent’s updated bootleg currently has a whopping 19 views.


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