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Bad Feminist? Woman's Conversation with Doctor About Ailing Husband Doesn't Pass the Bechdel Test

by Catherine Weingarten. @sarahkaneissexy.

CLEVELAND, OH - Local housewife, Janine Treebody, came under some heat today when it was reported that her conversation with her female doctor, Dr. Smithe, about her ailing husband, Pinkus Treebody, did not pass the Bechdel test, concerned sources confirmed.

“I am really shocked and upset to be called out online about a private conversation with my doctor regarding my husband’s health and his chronic back issues,” claimed Janine. “I just had some questions for her about daily care for him, but at the same time, it really makes me think; maybe I should have not discussed my husband with her, but instead my dreams and wants as a woman?”

Dr. Smith-Taten, a local feminist philosopher and expert at the Bechdel test, was also horrified by the conversation between Janine and her female doctor.

“We live in a patriarchal society and we need to be careful about what stories we show to the world. The Bechdel test requires two things: a conversation to take place between two women and for it to not be about a man. Ms.Treebody only fulfilled one of those requirements and I’m sorry to say it, but she just set modern feminism back about 50 years.

Lara Lafferson, a local feminist activist/aspiring social justice influencer and the patient who reported the incident to the press, was astounded by Janine’s lack of apology and dedication to the cause of feminism.

“When you are having a conversation with a doctor and all you can discuss is YOUR HUSBAND, clearly something is off. Like what do you do for fun? What are you passionate about? Being a woman shouldn’t just be about your romantic interests or your husband of 39 years and his very serious impairment.”

There are currently three movies in the works sharing Janine’s story and how she let down feminism as a cause. One is reportedly set to star Scarlett Johansson, while another will be animated and feature CGI Troll Doll performers so the kids can join in on the fun. At press time, Mrs.Treebody says she now realizes she was in the wrong and that the Bechdel test is not just for movies and narrative stories, but every single moment of one’s life.


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