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Bachelor Party Confused After Assuming “Moulin Rouge!” an Actual French Sex Show

by HaleyJane Rose. @haleyfamous.

Al Hirschfeld Theatre, NY -- West Virginia natives and groomsmen to 28-year-old Neil Wilson reportedly left last night’s performance of Moulin Rouge! The Musical in a state of confusion, after mistaking the Broadway show for an actual French burlesque club.

“The guys and I thought it would be cool to do something classy and different for Neil’s bachelor party, noted best man Tyler Martinez. "I knew the Moulin Rogue in France has really sexy dance shows, so was expecting something hot and freaky like that. Instead, it was a lot of riffing and mashup songs like they used to do on Glee. Really weird.”

Martinez wasn’t the only member of the party taken aback by the performance.

“Maybe they just do things differently in New York, but I just don't think dying of tuberculosis is hot,” added the groom's college roommate, Bill “The Beef” Roderick. "Also, when I tried to give one of the dancers a dollar bill, she totally ignored me and kept singing 'Firework' by Katy Perry. One of the bouncers nearly kicked me out when I threw money on stage.” The Broadway Beat confirmed that by "bouncer", The Beef actually meant 21-year old usher Sarah Mills.

Even the show’s company took notice.

“I noticed a large group of young men in the cabaret seating chugging Miller Lite out of our souvenir sippy cups,” noted show’s star and Tony nominee Aaron Tveit. “They also kept asking where the buffet was. It was actually kind of sad.”

One of the more introverted men in the #WilsoonBeMarried wedding party, Chris McDowell, was happy to speak on his experience.

“This was my first time at a strip club - I don’t know why I was so nervous! If I’d known that these sex shows were such plot-driven, high-energy and emotionally moving productions, I would have been going for a long time. I knew all of the music and even cried,” he admits. “I can’t wait for the next one.”

Sources report that McDowell was not as thrilled after taking his “bros” to The Full Monty in Clarksburg, WV for his birthday.


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