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“I’m Just Proud to Provide Art for My Following During This Time," says Actor with One Viral TikTok

by Liz Wiest. @lizkhawiesta.

CHERRY HILL, NJ - Local musical theatre actress Danielle Owens, who moved back home from New York at the height of the pandemic, expressed gratitude this morning for the opportunity to "keep providing art" for her "devoted following", which of course means those who followed her as a result of her one viral TikTok, sources confirmed.

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“It’s been the most humbling and creatively fulfilling project I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of,” she gushed as she set up her five different LED ring lights. “I am just so proud to be able to share my craft with my fans during this time that’s been so trying for those less fortunate than I."

Her mother Judith, who Owens is living with rent-free, plans to take a page out of Kris Jenner’s book and manage her daughter’s latest endeavor.

“I certainly never thought that fracturing her elbow doing the WAP challenge is what would be her big break ,” said Judith as she folded the branded Danielle merch she made. "I’m sure this is exactly how Jennifer Aniston’s mother felt when she landed Friends!"

Ruth Robinson, Owens’ new agent, ran to sign her immediately as the video gained traction, only to instantly regret that decision.

“Biggest mistake of my life. I should have seen the writing on the wall when she had 300K followers on TikTok and only six on Twitter,” noted Robinson as she took a really long, sad drag of a cigarette. “The video maxed out at $200, everyone forgot about it, and I only got a lousy 20% cut. I’m definitely going to have to take out that second mortgage."

Despite her gaining a mass following upon the success of her video, Owens hasn’t been able to keep up the same kind of momentum with the app’s algorithm. She was recently informed that despite her fifteen minutes, she had been beat out for at least three roles by the viral snails who act out SVU episodes.


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