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The Angel From ANGELS IN AMERICA Crashed Through My Ceiling and I I I I Got Some Awesome Selfies!

by Corey Pajka. @corey_does_thingsnyc.

Greetings, Broadway Beaters, The Great Article begins! I couldn’t help but have that thought as the title character from Tony Kushner’s Angels in America crashed through my ceiling last night. Luckily I had my phone with me to take some awesome selfies, so that my Instagram account - The Fabulous Angel Wrestler - wouldn’t die a secret death anymore!

“Greetings, prophet,” she intoned. “The Great Work begins. The Messenger has arrived! And I I I I…think I have the wrong place. This isn’t apartment 10G? So sorry.”

“No worries, Angel of the Continental Principality of America,” I retorted. "Because ‘I I I I’ am such a fan! Even if I do lose my deposit.”

We shared a laugh as she floated down and took a load off those great opalescent, steel-gray wings. I had so many questions, not the least of which was to ask if I could get some selfies.

“Aye, neighbor of Gary, the actual prophet who lives down the hall. Pics or it didn’t happen. The realm of Heaven has an Instagram. Say, know ye of anyone I I I I couldst recruit as a social media manager?”

“I I I I” volunteered for that while taking the sweetest snaps any theatre lover like could ask for. She carried me around the room like Hannah Pitt, minus the enormous orgasm. We even posed for one of us in a mock wrestling match.

“Careful, neighbor of the true prophet. I I I I still have that muscle tear in my thigh from Perestroika. Heaven hath a public healthcare system, but the waiting list for non-essential care is absolute hell.”

She had Great Work to do, but before she left, I told her that if Gary rejected his vision, I’d be more than happy to take it myself. She thanked me for my interest, left her card, and told me to follow up in a week or two.

Check out the results on the ‘Gram at @thefabulousangelwrestler! Follow and I shall bestow my blessings on thee! The Great Influencer Following Work begins!


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