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"Almost Famous" Musical Headed to Broadway, Will Be Performed in "Rock of Ages" Dressing Room

by Edward Precht. @pertoltprecht.

NEW YORK, NY – In an effort take their screen-to-stage adaption above and beyond, producers of the newly-announced Almost Famous musical have decided to stage the show entirely in the backstage area of Rock of Ages.

“We wanted to stay true to the story,” composer Tom Kitt said of the film, about a young reporter falling in with a set of groupies as he tails a rock band in the early 70s. “And by ‘stay true to the story,’ I mean ‘everyone sits around in the green room while the real show happens onstage.’”

The Shubert Organization has agreed to bring back Rock of Ages to an as-of-yet-unannounced theater, with plans to move the show between spaces, quote, “like an actual rock band tour. That’d be cool, right? Whatever. You’ll pay for it anyway, you slug-folk.”

The producers were happy to expand on the specifics of the run.

“You like music? Great! We’ve got all your favorite, classic hits, all played from behind a 20-foot-thick concrete wall and under the sound of several stagehands complaining about how they don’t get paid enough for all they goddamn do.”

When asked to justify the bold choice, other creatives behind the unique production were quick to weigh in.

“It’s an immersive experience,” said bookwriter Cameron Crowe, seen hiding a draft of something named We Bought a Zoosical. “Remember how in Great Comet everyone got pierogies, and in Waitress they pumped in the smell of freshly-baked pies? We’re doing the same, but with quaaludes and the smell of cigarette ash. It’s an immersive experience,” he said again, as if trying to convince himself it was a good idea. “Here, audience members are the groupies, and are expected to do everything a groupie would do. Ev. Er. Y. Thing.”

Almost Famous begins performances this Fall. Tickets can be purchased from a scalper in front of Rock of Ages, or can be avoided altogether by sneaking in through the back alley.

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