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BREAKING: AEA Just Started Loudly Whistling, Won’t Make Eye Contact

by Jennifer Haining. @itsraininghaining.

NEW YORK, NY – It's official: SAG-AFTRA members will be joining WGA in the historical strike for higher wages, stronger benefits, and heightened solidarity with its members' well-being. But when we told AEA just now they started loudly whistling and like… won’t make eye contact?

“Wow, would you look out there,” noted the Theatre Actors and Stage Managers' Union, craning its neck towards the window to look super invested in something outside, “I think that’s a Red-Breasted Warbler, so rare to see in the city. I should go get some photos.”

Upon further investigation, it appeared the only thing outside the window was a one-legged pigeon hobbling atop the crumbling Little Mermaid Box Office Ad (still inexplicably nailed to the side of the Lunt-Fontanne Theater). When we turned around, AEA was gone, leaving behind nothing but that weird, woody incense smell only found inside old theaters and also sometimes church?


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