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Actor Makes Up Names of Drama & Dance Professors on Resume Even Though Nobody Reads That Section

by Nick Navari. IG and Twitter: @nnavari.

CINCINNATI, OH - Non-equity actor Cody Spencer admitted this morning to forging a few extra names of made up professors under the Training section of his resume in order to appear more talented. Names like Bob Rosse, Ima Nactor and Tippy “The Tap King” Taylor all seemed to slip by the local theater producers of Southwest Ohio, since that section of a resume means nothing.

“I’m what would call a ‘self-taught triple threat',” says Spencer, whose last role was as a cornet player in a Zoom production of The Music Man. “I know that my resume still needs some work though, and it doesn’t help that my headshot is a wallet-size copy of my senior picture my mom took 3 years ago. I just hope no one notices the fake names.”

Sandy Glover, a casting director in the tri-state area, did notice the fake names, but only because one in particular caught her eye.

“I typically skip right over that section,” said Glover while taping up headshots to her wall in a pyramid to feel like Abby Lee Miller. “However, when I saw that he listed his ‘Magic Coach’ as Mr. Mistoffelees, I became suspicious.”

Earnest Wright, a legendary local director whom Spencer auditioned for last summer, did not notice the fake names, nor has he ever read the Training section of a resume over his 47 year career.

“I studied under Meisner himself back in 1969,” said Wright as he spray painted a curse word onto an old television for his upcoming production of American Idiot. “So literally everyone else means nothing to me. Besides, I don’t care who he paid for voice lessons, the kid still can’t hit a G.”

Empowered by these results, Spencer said that he will continue to add lies to his resume, including that he currently attends CCM. In fact, he does not attend the University of Cincinnati-Conservatory of Music, rather, a Community College in Marion, Ohio, where he is an accounting major.


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