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Opinion: You Should Be on Broadway, by Your Aunt Irene

Zach Raffio. @ZachRaffio.

Sweetie! Thank you so much for inviting me and Uncle Hector to see you play Gloria in “That’s My Modern Millie”, or whatever the title was, you know I’m no good with names. We both agreed that, honestly, you could be on Broadway. I’m not kidding!

Now, Uncle Hector did snooze a little at the end of the first act and during the middle of the second, but his new arthritis medication really gets him drowsy. I was wide awake the entire time, and I have to say, you stole the show! Really, all eyes were on you! I felt like I was seeing a Broadway production.

Have you been auditioning for Broadway? Both Uncle Hector and I really think you should could end up on Broadway - your performance was good as anything we’ve seen on the Tony awards. In fact, maybe better - you know I didn’t really care for that “Book of The Mormons” number.

Who was that cute young man who played Jimmy? He was so handsome, and what a dancer! You should ask him out. We saw him after the show sitting arm in arm with another strong, handsome young man. Seems like he has a lot of attractive male friends, so maybe you could ask one of them out. I hate to see such a pretty, talented young girl go unmarried at age 26.

Anyway, thank you again for the tickets, we loved the show even if the subway ride was less than desirable. By the way, why do you live up in Inwood? You should think about moving to the Upper West Side or maybe midtown. And, if you can, try to get some Broadway auditions. Have you posted on Facebook that you’re looking to do Broadway? I posted looking for a new book club and got TWO likes, so, you never know.


Aunt Irene

P.S. Tell your mother to call me when she gets a chance.


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