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Winter Garden “Back to the Future” Sees Characters Time Traveling to Escape Vengeful Hugh Jackman

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - Reports are surfacing this morning that the upcoming Back to the Future musical - transferring from the West End to Broadway’s Winter Garden Theatre, where The Music Man currently sits - is tweaking its plot to see the main characters going back in time to escape a vengeful Hugh Jackman.

“We gotta steer clear of that guy,” noted Doc Brown actor Roger Bart, looking over his shoulder even eight months and one giant ocean away. “I’m speaking as myself, by the way. Not the character. I’m not sure Hugh will know the difference. All he’ll know is that it’s a warm body and that it’s taking his theater. Broadway’s nicest guy? Yeah, until your 80s movie musical adaptation transfers.”

At press time, Jackman was seen building his own time machine in order to keep up with his chase. The machine is powered by The Music Man’s tap dancing, making it more powerful than the Future machine, as well as most modern nuclear material.


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