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What If We Do "Romeo And Juliet"... But In Quarantine? (Guest Column by Every Director)

by Ryan Danley. @isridiculous.

Hello theatre fans! We have all missed you so much. While this time has had its challenges, it also has been a fruitful time for our artistic vision. And with that, we, every single play director ever, have independently decided on presenting Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet… but, like, in a quarantine.

Yep. You heard right. The timeless tale of lovers separated by society, but set during the riveting backdrop of a Stay At Home order. Will the pandemic keep these lovers from breaking social distancing recommendations? Oh... we will see.

You will be able to take in Casey Nicholaw’s humorous musical take, which places the star-crossed lovers in different Zoom meetings. Then there’s Susan Stroman’s All Star ensemble presentation that has our protagonists on different sides of the Governor’s Shelter In Place orders. And, of course, we’re looking forward to Thomas Kail’s presentation of Fauci , where a racially diverse cast take on the roles of the Coronavirus Task Force and the two lovers who are forbidden to inject life saving disinfectant. We are very excited.

Still not convinced? Well, those are just our main attractions. We have tons of Off Broadway productions as well. We will be seeing punk kids quarantined in small towns, first responders working different shifts, Clowns, a land where fairies can catch COVID, a Biggie and Tupac tribute for some reason, something Italian, and so many more. You name it, we’re going to put those two dead kids in it.

Oh and we can not forget our favorite; One-Person shows. Be prepared for a literal onslaught of One-Person shows by directors that happened to be single when they were quarantined. Just think of the engrossing saga one man can put you through playing a dozen different parts. Spoiler alert: They all lead to the fateful attempt of Juliet to find a proper face mask.

So, get ready theatre fans. We will be coming back strong as ever. In probably 2021 or maybe 2022. But we suggest you buy tickets now. Like, really. Please buy tickets.


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