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Theatre Nerd! This Woman Guessed the Answer to a Broadway Question at Trivia & Almost Got It Right

by Taylor Hunsberger. @tayparade.

PHILADELPHIA - Theatre nerd alert! Currently unemployed waitress Emily Baltonado announced today that while playing trivia over Zoom with her fellow college alumni, she guessed the answer to the question “name one Tony nominee for Best Musical from 2000 - 2020 that references The Sound of Music” with Spring Awakening. The answer wasn’t right, but it was kind of, almost right, the newly acclaimed Broadway geek proclaimed to everyone she knows.

“I mean, I have seen some shows before” says Baltonado, who saw one musical ten years ago. “I never really felt like I understood most of the references my friends made, so getting an answer kind of right at trivia does feel like the next step. I’m proud to now be a full blown theatre nerd!”

Sean Bedwell, who does actually know most of the answers for the Broadway portion of their weekly trivia bout, had some words for his regular teammate.

“Yes, it is true that I was able to name all six divas and the songs they sang at Sondheim’s 80th birthday celebration, but I do commend Emily for her effort!” noted Bedwell. “I wasn’t around for the game this week, or else I would have totally gotten the answer correct - it’s Next to Normal. So, you know, we are all on our own path.

Jane Fowley, weekly host of Zoom trivia, also sent Baltonado some inspiring words.

“It has been really inspiring to see Emily’s growth since hosting trivia throughout quarantine. She has not gotten a single question correct since March, but her team is always there to support her regardless,” stated Fowley. “I do know that she has watched the rare Sondheim TV musical Evening Primrose in preparation, and though I have told her it was not on Broadway, so it will never be featured in a question. I admire her dedication to the cause and proud of her for taking this next step.”

At press time, Baltonado is surely on her way to joining the ranks of theatre nerds everywhere. She has even changed her cover photo on Facebook to a cast photo from the original production of her new favorite musical, Shrek. Scouting reports claim that she is currently on track to break a new boundary and get one question fully correct.


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