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The Male Response to "Six"? This Guy Keeps Live Streaming Acoustic Songs About His Ex-Girlfriend

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

by HaleyJane Rose. @haleyisfamous.

NEW YORK, NY - In the wake of Broadway’s Six - the new female-driven musical sensation following the wives of Henry VIII - fans have been eagerly awaiting a male response to the production. Luckily, it’s been found in the form of local performer, Todd Davidson, who keeps live-streaming his original acoustic songs about his ex-girlfriend on Instagram, sources confirmed.

“Yeah, I go live every night, because I think it’s finally time people hear from a voice like mine,” says Davidson, explaining his process. “At first I try to make it clear that I’m the victim. But by the end everyone sees how strong and independent I am. Because I told them I am - loud and on the internet!”

Industry professionals and theatre fans alike were excited to find this refreshing, male point of view.

“People are tired of these traditional stories of women’s empowerment,” says acclaimed theatre critic Neil Davidson. “That’s why when I saw Todd go live on Instagram, playing an open G chord and whining about the time his ex yelled at him when he punched a hole in the wall after he lost his Bells in Animal Crossing, I knew we were seeing something groundbreaking. Men in the arts are finally being heard, and they’re saying ‘my giiiiirlfriend was mean to me!’”

However, not everyone was impressed with Todd’s brave taking on of Broadway’s profound gender inequalities. We reached out to Todd’s ex-girlfriend, Christine, for her comment.

“No, I don’t think this is the male response to Six, the fun, pop-musical that uplifts and inspires women to work together,” says Christine. “Todd sucks. Like, this dude sucks. His lyrics suck, his guitar playing sucks, even his WiFi fucking sucks. Also that critic that was really into him is his brother and he sucks too.”

At press time, Todd was looking to take his show on the road, but was shot down by Broadway’s vast number of powerful, influential female producers.


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