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STUDY: If All Seven Paramount+ Subscribers Watch The Tonys, It Will Double the Ceremony’s Viewership

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - With the news that the 2021 Tony Awards will stream exclusively on the new streaming service Paramount+, insiders revealed that is all of the platform’s whopping seven subscribers were to watch the awards, it would more than double their record viewership, elated sources confirmed.

“This is a huge win for both Paramount and Broadway. The Tony Awards can use the viewer bump, and Paramount could use something that isn’t a creepy Rugrats reboot. I bet Netflix is shaking in their multi-million dollar boots,” noted TV analyst Jessica Friffrofree, who stated that they do not plan to sign up for Paramount+ because they’re saving money for the inevitable Keurig streaming service. “Let’s hope their decision to make Broadway somehow even less accessible pays off!”

At press time, the Tonys announced that they will produce a behind-the-scenes special highlighting the many incredible performers and off-stage artists who help bring the theatre to life.

It will air exclusively on The Bottom of a Random Person in Times Square’s Shoe, Good Luck Finding It You Dumb Loser (Premium).


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