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Help! I'm Stuck In The Telecharge Interactive Seat Map!

by Caitlin Bitzegaio. @caitorade.

NEW YORK, NY - Help! I’m stuck in the Telecharge interactive seat map!

I was looking for the best seats to take my niece to see Wicked for her birthday. I was agonizing over the options between center mezzanine and left aisle orchestra. I stared at the screen too long and while mulling over the decision, the spinning seats transported me into the cyber world of the Telecharge interactive seat map. 

Please help me get out of here! I don’t know how - maybe zoom in and out? NO. Stop doing that. That’s terrifying. It’s like you’re shaking me in a snow globe. 

And do NOT purchase the tickets I had in my cart. Those front row seats in orange were just a dream! I was just fantasizing about being that rich. I cannot afford them so don’t use my credit card ending in 9912. I love my niece, but not that much. 

I know you’re eventually going to close the browser, but please just give me more time! 

I’m all alone with just rows and rows of empty seats. What theater is this? Is a show going to be performed? Is the floor moving? And does it even matter?

I feel like I’m in a version of Alice In Wonderland that’s set in an abandoned generic Broadway theater. Wait, is this how the Phantom got started? Is that who I am now? 

On the bright side, I have my choice of seats.


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