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Report: Other Investors Just Assumed Scott Rudin Was Involved

by Devin Wallace. @thedevinwallace.

NEW YORK, NY - The investment group behind an upcoming Broadway revival of Bye, Bye, Birdie shared their confusion today after mistakenly just assuming powerhouse producer Scott Rudin was also involved in the production, the group confirmed.

“This is a Broadway show, and Scott is a Broadway producer, so we thought it was obvious he’d be involved in this,” said investor Douglas Breen. “Right now he’s producing four new plays on Broadway and adapting three of those into feature films, so we knew he had plenty of time on his hands. Egg on our rich faces, I guess.”

The nine-person investment group solidified funding six months ago and in the thirty-plus production meetings since then never asked where Rudin was or what Rudin would be actually doing.

“When you go to McDonald’s, you don’t call ahead and check if they have the Big Mac. They have the Big Mac,” said investor Charles McLouglin. “I guess I’m not getting my Big Mac this year.”

Not all members of the group were satisfied at Rudin’s uninvolvement. Dana Connelly, a co-producer of the show, told The Broadway Beat the group is considering legal action.

“It’s Broadway in 2020, for God’s sake,” noted Connelly. “We might as well just slap his name on the marquee. I mean, a famous boss pasting his name on the top of a New York City building isn’t exactly a bad business model.”

At press time, the team was describing some other projects they’re currently working on, including a horror movie which they are “positive” that Jason Blum is also involved with. Reports indicate Rudin has optioned the rights to this confusion with plans to stage it on Broadway in 2022.


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