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Manic, Godless Teens on 15th Modulation of "Tomorrow"

by Annette Storckman. @astorcks.

LOGANSPORT, Ind - A gruesome scene unfolded in the early afternoon today at Central High School as a roving gang of manic teens hit an unprecedented, downright dangerous fifteenth modulation in “Tomorrow” from Annie, horrified sources confirmed.

“This is some pretty normal show choir nonsense,” says Mrs. MacAfee, the school’s choral teacher and the first person to report the event. “When I heard the first key change in ‘Tomorrow,’ I thought nothing of it. That song has been stuck in my head for 20 years, and sometimes it’s nice to hear it out loud instead of just a pulsating refrain that keeps me awake at night, whispering dark secrets of the Elder Thing. As far as I know, that song has about three modulations. But when I heard the sixth, I knew we were in trouble.”

Students in the room say the sixth key change was a dare by soprano, Lila Jenkins, as she screamed cursed orders at the class accompanist.

“Keep going Adam, you coward! I can hit it,” yelped Jenkins as she began to drool black sludge. “We all can! No one can stop us, no one can stop Show Choir, not even God!”

By the ninth in-tune key change, the teens, crazed with their new power, began to roam the halls, summoning rivers of blood and continuing their key changes. The tenth modulation was so powerful, two teachers completely lost their eyesight, and on the eleventh, freshman Patricia Meyers was turned into an actual Depression-era mop.

“Don’t you understand? The cruelty is the point. THE CRUELTY IS THE POINT!” noted Meyers, who, again, is now a mop. “Can anyone stop them? Can anyone bring this frenzy to a halt? Or better yet, once we witness their true power, will anyone even want to?”

At press time, S.W.A.T. teams, The National Guard, and a select fleet of older rich men who must learn to balance work life with what they’re really passionate about have been dispatched to the school for defense. The government is yet to dispatch any shaggy dogs which is, at this point, beyond even this reporter.


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