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“I’m Not In It For the Money,” says Actor No One Is Offering Any Money To

by Danny Neary. @itsdannyneary.

BROOKLYN, NY - Speaking from his Williamsburg loft, struggling actor Jason Greenberg, who absolutely no one is offering any money to, once again told his friends how he is not in it for the money, annoyed sources confirmed.

“I’ve always wanted to be an actor, to see myself under those bright lights - not because of the money or the fame, but because I just really love the craft and have a passion for what I do,” said Greenberg, a man who recently went on a month-long bender after losing a guest spot on Young Sheldon.

Blake Evans, a friend of Greenberg’s and fellow actor who’s worked on a series of poorly received, and financially disastrous projects with Greenberg, expressed her confusion at the actor’s statements.

“I honestly don’t know what he’s talking about. He’s literally never been offered any money and I can’t remember the last time he even had an audition,” noted Evans, rolling her eyes and making the jerk-off motion. “I wouldn’t ‘be in it for the money’ either if my dad worked at Goldman Sachs and I could spend all day drinking and smoking parliaments to ‘get in character’ for my one man show.”

Sean Williams, Greenberg’s acting coach, said he believes Greenberg has what it takes and is happy to see another actor who’s in it for the passion, and not just money and fame.

“Jason’s a really talented guy. With a few more years of bidaily acting lessons, he’ll be a star if he wants to,” said Williams, who was able to quit his day job after Greenberg told him he’d pay him whatever it takes to make him a star. “Jason got into acting for the right reasons: because he loves the art and knows what’s really important is the passion, the craft, and having a job with your dad to fall back on.”

Williams added that he feels Greenberg doesn’t care about money or fame at all, and isn’t like the people who just care about getting high paying, demeaning roles in sitcoms or the MCU. Greenberg echoed this sentiment by saying he couldn’t be happier about all the positive reviews his seven act autobiographical drama received from his friends and family, and that if we do know when they’ll start casting for Deadpool 3, he’d be interested in throwing his hat in the ring just for fun.


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