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Adorable! FRIENDS! THE MUSICAL PARODY Team Believes They Were Audience’s First TKTS Pick

by Brian Olsen. @BrianOlsenBooks.

NEW YORK, NY. - The cast and creatives behind Friends! The Musical Parody were excited to learn that the night’s audience had an unusually high number of seats sold via discount ticket service TKTS, adorably deluding themselves that an off-Broadway satire of a twenty-year-old sitcom would be anyone’s first choice of show.

“There are so many great shows to choose from at TKTS,” said a sweetly naive Eliza Kazimir (Monica) from beneath her turkey mask. “Tony-award winning musicals, plays with movie star leads - and they picked our little show! Could we BE any more excited? Tonight… WE’LL be there for THEM!"

House manager Kara Zollar chuckled kindly at the cast’s misplaced enthusiasm.

“I mentioned we had a higher than normal number of TKTS sales tonight, and they squealed like somebody stepped on Smelly Cat,” she noted while making sure the actors were out of earshot. “Please don’t tell them that most people get their second or third choice show. I haven’t seen them this fired up since Matt LeBlanc followed us on Instagram.”

Asked for comment outside the tiny theater located between a Subway sandwich shop and an adult video store, audience member Betsy Wong shrugged.

Six was gone by the time we got to the front. That Oscar Isaac play was still available, but the tickets were so pricey even with the discount. I don’t know, we were at the booth, I had to make a decision. This sounded cute. I like Friends, I guess.”

“Do they do the one with the couch?” asked her husband Martin, who doesn’t usually care for live theatre. “I like that one. Ha! PIVOT! Ha ha ha!”

At press time, the cast celebrated on their next night off by getting in line at TKTS themselves, where they speculated on whether Funny Girl would still be available and desperately avoided eye contact with the man handing out postcards for The Office! A Musical Parody.


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