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Fan at Stage Door Furious Actor Won’t Take Picture, Donate Organs

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - Hadestown super-fan Lydia Lewell relayed her disappointment this week after ensemble member Kenneth West, of whom Lewell considers herself a “stan” since his YouTube cover days, turned down taking a photo with the young fan due to having a bad cold and hoping to get home quickly, and also refused to donate a kidney to the young woman who he had just met, sources confirmed.

“I just thought he cared about his fans,” noted Lewell, who has since changed her Twitter name to “KENNETH DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS FANS 2020”. “We do so much to support the performers we love, but he can’t even show a little bit back in the form of a highly invasive surgical procedure with a lengthy recovery time? I’m definitely not a fan anymore, and I’m also definitely not sick or anything, I just think he should want to donate a kidney when asked.”

Other fans have since caught on to the social media movement.

“I met him at BroadwayCon and he refused to move in with me,” noted Jeffrey Benner, another of West’s mega-fans. “We buy merch, we see shows, we make Instagram tribute accounts - and this is the thanks we get? A long, truly kind conversation with an actor followed by a flat-out refusal for that 34-year old man to move in with me, a 16-year old he just met, and who lives in a different state? Never meet your heroes, I guess.”

The Broadway Beat managed to catch up with West for his side of the story.

“I used to do whatever people asked,” noted West. “Help them move furniture, give them my clothes even if they were pretty new, become their personal chauffeur for a week or two. I love my fans, but eventually I decided to cross a line, and that line is losing organs. Plus, I already gave a kidney to a fan last year - even though I later found out they weren’t a fan of mine, but just thought I was Reeve Carney.”

At press time, Lewell was seen waiting outside of the stage door at Beetlejuice, hoping to get an autograph from Alex Brightman as well as his car keys and pin number, which he will provide if he, as Lewell puts it, “really cares about his fans”.


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