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Uhh, OK? Disney Also Announces This Fresh Fuji from Costco Will Play the Live Action Poison Apple

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

LOS ANGELES - Disney execs announced with excitement this morning that - in addition to Rachel Zegler taking on the title role - this gorgeous, fresh fuji apple from Costco will play the famed poison apple in their live action adaptation of Snow White, the studio confirmed.

“We are so excited to introduce this sweet, crunchy, nutritious piece of fruit into the beloved Snow White canon,” noted Disney chairman Robert Iger, who had seriously considered a different apple for the role before casting it in his homemade chicken salad instead. “Get in line now, cause come the holidays, all those apple action figures are gonna be flying off the shelves"

At press time, Disney shared that the apple will have multiple stunt apples and stand-ins as well, since, you know, they were on sale.


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