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Five Ways to Achieve the Confidence of a College Student Cast as Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar"

by Mary Fiala. @f_marykill.

In times like these, why not search for scraps of self-assuredness anywhere you can? With these five easy tricks, you’ll strut your stuff with the swagger of a junior tenor who thinks he’s God’s gift to the theater.

Walk into every room as though you’re the titular character in a steampunk-inspired reimagining of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s loudest work. You’ll soon be on top of your game faster than you can say “messy messiah complex.”

1. Power Stance

Stand like Jesus being crucified for five minutes every hour. Everyone has to look at you, and if there's anything we know about confidence, it’s that if you have the attention, that’s half the battle.

2. Oil Up

Everyone knows that confidence is sexy, and oiliness is the easiest path to sexiness. Brush your abdomen with canola oil to achieve that Old Testament Under Stage Lights glow.

3. Screlting For Your Health

Make some noise! The louder you can attempt those tenor notes, the better. You don’t need to sound good, or vocally healthy; you just need to try because you’re a man in theatre and the tiniest bit of effort goes a long way.

4. Under Preparing and Over Delivering

Being a leading man in your head is all about not actually putting the work in, but still reaping the benefits. Go ahead and ditch that mindset that hard work pays off. It doesn't! Being hot and carrying yourself with the confidence of a man in theatre is really all you need.

5. Blind Ambition

You’re the king. You’re the people’s God. They’re lucky to drink your blood and eat your body. There’s nowhere to go but up.

With these tips, you’ll have the confidence of a rockstar. Nay, Superstar. As they say in the good book: Hosanna, hey sanna, sanna sanna ho. Sanna hey, sanna ho sanna.


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