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"Company" Tony Medley Includes Title Song, "Getting Married Today", Patti Yelling "Get The Fuck Out"

by Caitlin Berg. @caitlinberg (Instagram), @caitlinhberg (Twitter).

NEW YORK, NY - Company producer Alexander Murty confirmed today that the show’s upcoming Tony Awards performance would feature a medley of the titular song, followed by Matt Doyle singing “Getting Married Today”, and concluding with Patti LuPone screaming “get the fuck out” to an audience member of her choosing.

“After the amazing feedback we've received – from Company cast and crew members to the ex-husband, children, and therapist of the anti-masker in our audience - we decided that we had to allow her to repeat the iconic moment at this year’s Tony Awards,” said Murty, while venmoing Chris Harper $1,000. “We hope that by adding it to our medley, fans can get a mix of exactly what they want: Their favorite Sondheim tunes, Matt Doyle proving that there is no limit for how fast you can sing, and Patti LuPone kicking the ass of a terrible person.”

When asked if he thinks that LuPone might target Andrew Lloyd Webber if he attends this year’s awards ceremony, Murty replied by stating that “we could only hope.”


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