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BREAKING: BFA Student Discovers Slightly Different Way to Scream Tom’s "Glass Menagerie" Monologue

by Karen Stewart.

NEW YORK, NY - Eighteen-year old NYU freshman Ryan McJohnson has achieved something previously considered impossible: a new and even louder way to portray “anger” in Tom’s The Glass Menagerie monologue. This morning at 8:00am sharp, McJohnson’s peers were treated to a sound barrier shattering rendition of one of the most devastating pieces of writing in the theatrical canon, several times in a row, with little variation.

“The trick is to hit the ‘o’ in ‘opium dens’ louder than everything else,” McJohnson told reporters, cradling his hydroflask as the dust settled on his vulnerability. “I mean, you know what they say: at the intersection of screaming and breaking things is Theater.”

Several shell-shocked students could be heard discussing the performance outside the classroom, in the unmistakable hushed tones of young artists challenged by the work of a fellow thespian to bring their A-game.

“Ryan really gets Tennessee Williams,” noted one of his classmates, who stayed behind to stare at himself in the wall of mirrors for a full fifteen minutes after class. “It’s like, what even is the point of bringing in my ‘Red’ monologue now? I can’t possibly get as loud as him. I have asthma.”

McJohnson’s teacher, a man all the students affectionately call “Gerbil,” had but a few words to impart as he hurried out of the studio.

“That kid’s gonna kill someone someday,” he noted, drawing his cardigan around him and sprinting for the exit.“Don’t write that they call me ‘Gerbil’.”

When asked about what’s next for him, McJohnson told us his plans include grabbing some grub at a dining hall near his dorm, studying his lines for his role as “Bohemian 3” in NYU’s production of Rent, and besting God in hand to hand combat - preferably in that order.


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