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Audra McDonald One Tony Award Away from Redeeming Free Gregorys Coffee

by Caroline Lyell. @Caro__lyell.

NEW YORK, NY. - Broadway legend Audra McDonald revealed today that if she wins her record-breaking seventh Tony Award, she’ll be able to receive (1) free hot drink from Gregorys Coffee.

“I've been lucky enough to perform eight shows on Broadway a week, simultaneously shoot an HBO series, and raise four children - but this really takes things to the next level. I mean, those coffees are like $4.50,” McDonald noted while repurposing her Grammys into a coat rack. “I’ve stored all of my Tonys and Drama Desks in my neighbor’s garage for years. But the cup from which I drank my free Americano? That’s being passed down to my grandchildren.”

Aenor Jonquil, head of the American Theatre Wing, has always recognized McDonald’s legendary acting abilities.

“We knew after her first Tony that she was basically unstoppable”, said Jonquil, preemptively writing ‘Congrats Audra!’ on an Instagram draft post, complete with coffee cup emoji. “So after her third win, we started brainstorming additional awards for her. We planned to visit the Dave & Buster’s in Times Square for ideas, but there was a kid’s birthday party happening and it was closed to the public. We ended up grabbing a coffee at Gregorys. I pulled out my loyalty card, and that’s when inspiration struck.”

Ernest Vaughn, shift manager at the Gregorys Coffee on 36th and 8th, was perplexed by the choice of accolade for McDonald.

“Don’t be mistaken, I think that she is obviously one of the greatest actors of all time. Her performance as Billie Holiday changed my life,” Vaughn remarked while steaming oat milk for a line of customers heading to Ripley-Grier. “I just didn’t know that her desire to create such remarkable, fully-realized characters was due to how much she loved our Breakfast Roast Blend.”

With McDonald’s performance in Ohio State Murders, she may very well win her free coffee, and subsequently her seventh Tony this year. But that’s far from the end of her career goals.

“If I complete my EGOT, I can get a free cupcake at Magnolia Bakery!”


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