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"American Pie" Musical in the Works, Probably

by Jason Keane. @jasondkeane.

NEW YORK, NY - Broadway producer Jim Hack announced this morning that a musical adaptation of the raunchy 1999 comedy American Pie is currently in the works most likely, by someone, somewhere, the producer confirmed.

“You’re telling me no one has made a musical off of a beloved property that the general public has blinding nostalgia towards?” questioned Hack, who also noted that adaptations of Sixteen Candles and The Hangover are officially “probably” brewing somewhere as well. “What, did we stop loving free money? Someone’s probably already called Weezer, they’ll definitely send some songs they can string along to the plot.”

Molly McFarland, lifelong fan of the film, offered additional insight as to what the American Pie musical will look like when it eventually comes to life.

“Would Eugene Levy reprise his role as Jim’s Dad? Will the cast playing high schoolers be in their late 20s? Would they sell a mini jar filled with what would equate to three bites of pie for $40? These are the questions,” noted McFarland. “Would the cast come out after bows and guide the audience into singing Don McLean’s ‘American Pie?’ Somebody is almost definitely working on answers to these questions right now, and I hope the answer is yes.”

But what do young, privileged performers with rich parents think? To answer this question, we asked New York based trust fund baby actor Alex Fallon.

“I really like the idea. I feel like Broadway isn’t making roles specifically for me, and I think this could be great for my career,” noted Fallon. “Theater has been getting pretty diverse over the last couple of years, so it’s nice to see that traditional white male stories like American Pie can still be told.”

At press time, Universal Pictures, distributor of the R-rated film franchise, declined to comment on if they had ever pursued this concept before. This is reportedly because no executives at Universal are permitted to even say the word “musical” since the release of Cats this past December. However, executives did confirm their belief that someone, somewhere is working on the adaptation of a movie you kind of remember from your teens.


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