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Agent Who Hasn’t Sent Actor Out Once This Year Publicly Wishes Them "Happy Birthday" on Facebook

by Laura Ornella. @la.ornella.

NEW YORK, NY - Baldwin Wallace grad and New York based actor Elizabeth McCalen turned 27 this past Sunday, receiving a bounty of well wishes from friends and family via social media, as well as an oddly enthusiastic “Happy Birthday” message from her agent Lenny Fargon, who hasn’t sent her out in over a year, sources have confirmed.

“I hadn’t heard from him since August of 2018, so that’s why I’m shocked,” McCalen explained. “Like, I thought we were basically done, but then he made a big deal of it all over Facebook. Is he like… a big fan of mine? I don’t get it,” she added while waiting to have new headshots taken. 

The message, which included a photo of Fargon and another client he clearly thought was McCalen, read simply “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful, talented, apple-of-my-eye client celebrating today! @Elizabeth McCalen, enjoy your day!” with a link to his Wix website in the comments.

"It’s been a slow turn, but Daniella is one of my absolute favorite clients," noted Fargon while not looking up from his crossword puzzle. “One day, she’s gonna take those blond locks and that peg leg and accept her fourth Oscar, and thank me in her speech - I guarantee,” he added, describing someone who is absolutely not Elizabeth.

McCalen isn't the only client that has been feeling neglected.

"I remember signing with Fargon back in 2017 and his client list was about 500 actors,” noted Ronan Darrington, a featured extra in roles such as Partygoer #2, Bathroom Attendant and Distant Passerby on several Hulu shows that he thought were just a phase. “I didn't even get a full birthday greeting, he just wrote ‘H, Ron!’, which is just the first letter of the message and then not my name. Does he think this looks like he cares?” he added. 

At press time, McCalen has decided she will give Fargon one more year to prove himself, based on his seemingly newfound interest. When asked if he had any big opportunities for McCalen on the horizon, Fargon ignored the question and continued to berate a local deli employee for not putting enough peanut butter on his tuna salad sandwich.


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