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Pete Buttigieg Suspends Presidential Campaign, Immediately Joins "Book of Mormon" Cast

by Emmy Brett. @emmy_brett (Twitter), @emmyliketheawards (Instagram).

NEW YORK, NY - After ending his bid for the democratic presidential nomination, former mayor of South Bend Pete Buttigieg has announced his next venture: a star turn as Elder Price with the touring company of The Book of Mormon, unsurprised sources confirmed.

“I’m about to have a lot of free time on my hands, so Chasten and I figured, why not?” said Buttigieg in an interview from Pearl Studios, where he had begun rehearsals to join the long-running production. “Also, Equity’s offering me my card, and now that I’m no longer mayor, I could really use the health insurance.”

Buttigieg, whose Equity name is simply “Mayor Pete,” wasted no time moving on to his next gig. After he left the campaign trail this past Sunday night, he was spotted in line at Ripley-Grier at roughly 5:37am for the Book of Mormon EPA, where he was hired on the spot.

“We’ve had our eyes on Pete for a while,” said casting director Bernard Tanner. “We’ve been looking for a name to boost ticket sales, and it was between him and James Charles, so we’re frankly just really relieved he said yes. Also, since he can provide all his own button downs and ties, it helps us cut down on costuming costs.”

So far, the creative team seems to be pleased with the former Mayor’s performance, and his surprisingly excellent tap skills.

“We’re thrilled with how he’s doing so far,” said director Casey Nicholaw. “He may not have had the chops for the presidency, but he does have the chops for a stellar 11 o’clock number. Plus, if the tour ever goes international, Pete already has the whole show down perfectly in Norwegian.”

While there is no news yet on the debuts of his fellow candidates, Amy Klobuchar was spotted early this morning starting an unofficial list at the wrong Pearl Studios for the Mean Girls open call, while holding a stapler in her hand just in case someone tries to cut.


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