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Two "Wicked" Movies to Split Right in Middle of "Defying Gravity" Vocal Riff

by Aidan Sears. @aidanjsears.

LOS ANGELES - Director Jon M. Chu took to Twitter today to share new details on the upcoming film adaptation of Wicked, announcing that the story will be split into two separate movies. He also shared that the first film will end with the first half of Elphaba’s closing vocal riff in “Defying Gravity,” while the second movie will begin with the second half of that same riff.

“All great film franchises need a great cliffhanger,” Chu said while raising his eyebrows up and down really fast when asked about a third movie. “Han Solo being frozen in carbonate. Doc Brown telling Marty that he’s back in the Old West. Probably something in The Da Vinci Code. I never saw it. To me, this was the obvious choice to create the most anticipation for Wicked: Part II. Like, are you not going to buy a ticket to see the end of that riff? Let’s be real now.”

When asked for comment, Cynthia Erivo (Elphaba) raised even more suspense by suggesting that her interpretation of the riff could span up to 14 different notes.


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