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Voice Teacher Names Children “The Lips”, “The Teeth”, “The Tip of the Tongue” and “Greg”

by Tyler Dark. @tdbuttercream.

PHILADELPHIA - University of the Arts voice instructor and Theatre department chair Charice Krebs has exhibited notable dedication to her craft by revealing that she has named her four children “The Lips”, “The Teeth”, “The Tip Of The Tongue” and “Greg”, the esteemed educator confirmed.

“You don’t make it in entertainment without putting your whole self into it,” declared Krebs, whose entire career in theatre has been as an educator and nothing else. “I had to incorporate every part of my life into my art, including the names of my four children. But to be frank, I only expected to have three children - so Greg is my little disappointment.”

Charice’s husband Clyde, a mechanic by trade, was quick to voice support for his wife’s ambitions. When he isn’t working, Clyde spends as much time as possible with the kids, fumbling through Linklater lessons and making sure Greg isn’t sulking too much.

“Sometimes I worry that the G-man feels left out,” Clyde said. “But due to the alliterative nature of their namesake, there wasn’t a lot we could do. Our only other option was to call him ‘The Tits’, so we went with ‘Greg’.”

Krebs teaches students in both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in courses like “Voice & Speech”, “Breath Dynamics”, and Meisner-based classes like “Be The Banshee” and “Slap Your Friends”. These young thespians have almost nothing but praise for their mentor.

“Charice has helped me develop so much as a performer,” lauded Sadie Kowalski, a second-year Acting major. “Plus, her kids are adorable! They have such perfect breath support, and their diction is amazing! Except for Greg. He’s sort of the ‘Andrei Prozorov’ of the bunch, if you catch my drift.”

At press time, Greg would not respond to a request for comment, but sources confirm he was recently seen eating his feelings at a Cold Stone Creamery, being serenaded by some of his mother’s students who work there.


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