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Tony Awards to Air Early This Year So "Be More Chill" Fans Won't Miss Their Bedtime

by Edward Precht. @PertoltPrecht.

NEW YORK, NY – Be sure to take your Squips early! In a statement released this morning, CBS announced that their airing of the 73rd annual Tony Awards will begin at 4:30PM this year as opposed to the usual 8:00PM, so that fans of the popular musical Be More Chill can watch the whole show before bedtime.

“My darling needs his rest,” said Jennifer Perro, whose son Nicholas punched a hole in the drywall after the show wasn’t nominated for Best Musical. “If we don’t put him down at a reasonable time, he’ll be bouncing off the walls by 3AM.”

Other parents laid out their bedtime rituals as well.

“We’ve got a nightly routine to make sure [our daughter] gets to sleep. No TV an hour before bedtime, some warm milk, a tickle fight as we get her into her jammies, and a short story before lights-out. Right now we’re reading Go Dog Go,” said one parent.

“Our boy can’t sleep without his George Salazar plushie,” said another. “And we have to coo him to bed each night with a rendition of ‘The Pitiful Children.’ It’s, well… we love him.”

CBS announced the time change “will not only be convenient for some of our newer viewers,” but will also be an “accommodating shift for several of this year’s stars and nominees,” a sentiment Broadway has been voicing for years. Be More Chill’s own Gerard Canonico has a strict curfew of 8PM, for one, while King Lear star Glenda Jackson has to be placed back in her coffin before sundown.

Several fans of the show refused to comment, but only because they were busy skipping rope or sucking on giant, all-day lollipops. One parent really pushed her daughter to take a stand on the change.

“Answer the nice man,” said Angie Carrigan said to her daughter, Sam. After a brief pause, Sam smiled, shut her eyes tight, and nodded vigorously. “That means she’s appreciative. This really goes to show that CBS cares.”

Tune in to the 73rd annual Tony Awards at 4:30PM on CBS. The awards will last a little less than an hour and are to be hosted by a set of jingly keys held by James Corden.


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