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Tony Awards Announce Revival of "The 2016 Tony Awards, Hosted by James Corden"

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

New York, NY - The American Theatre Wing announced today that they would be reviving their 2016 hit “The 2016 Tony Awards, Hosted by James Corden” for the 2019 season.

“I’m so thrilled for the opportunity to bring this story back to the stage,” noted Corden, who originated the role of James Corden in the 2016 production. “There will be some modern twists - for example, the winners for each award will almost certainly be different than previous productions - but we’re keeping all of the classics, including standards like the cheeky opening number and subtle jabs at industry elite. I’ll also be introducing Lin Manuel-Miranda as he presents Best Leading Actress In A Play, which always gets people on their feet.”

People who missed the big show during its’ first iteration were elated to have another opportunity to see James Corden wear a tuxedo and lovingly joke about how in a few years the Tonys probably won’t be televised at all. These fans include recent TV owner and award show megafan Jessica Fredericks.

“I remember I had to work during the first run,” claimed Fredericks. “It wouldn’t have mattered anyway cause I didn’t have cable or a TV back then, but now I do, and I’ll be sure to take Tony Night off way in advance. I absolutely must see James Corden in the role before someone else takes over next year. Otherwise I’ll have to wait for PBS to air it.”

Rumor has it that other award shows are also looking to get into the revival business. The Grammy’s, for example, are planning a star-studded 2020 event hosted by both Alicia Keys and LL Cool J; the Emmy’s plan to bring back Colin Jost and Michael Che, but in an exciting twist, Jost will be playing the role of Michael Che and Che will be portraying Colin Jost. Finally, the Oscars plan to revive not having a host at all - a production sure to be as controversial as its’ original run earlier this year.


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