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Stunt Casting Gone Too Far? "Mean Girls” Recasts Bus with New York City Transit Authority Bus #3268

by Addison McKissack. @Addisonmckiss.

NEW YORK, NY - The team behind the Broadway smash Mean Girls announced today that they will be rounding out their cast of newcomers to North Shore High by recasting the iconic bus that hits Regina George in act two with New York City Transit Authority Bus #3268, sources confirmed.

“We are so excited to be making our Broadway debuts,” said Leslie Carr, the driver of Bus #3268 who will be operating the bus on stage much like the puppeteers in King Kong. “#3268 is truly a one in 4,373 talent, and will also be the first-ever bus to get an equity card.”

Some critics have cried “stunt casting”, noting that the casting is based more on brand recognition than actual talent. Ron Osborne, a spokesperson for Telsey + Company, the group in charge of casting for Mean Girls, held a press conference to defend the casting.

Mean Girls has become a fantastic show to test out new talent for Broadway,” noted Osborne. “2020 is already shaking up to have some of the most talked-about casting decisions in Mean Girls history, with Vine stars, Disney Channel celebrities, and now a real New York icon. Why shouldn’t we give them a chance? Because it’s an actual 30,000 pound motor vehicle that might crush the stage? Theatre is all about risks.”

Alicia Freeman, a New York local and self-professed “Mean Girls Stan” is thrilled for what this casting means for her own chances to join the Plastics at North Shore.

“It’s honestly so cool that they just picked this bus literally off the street for a role. It really shows that anyone can do it and be on Broadway,” noted Freeman. “I’ve been an actor for years, and I would always take that bus to auditions, and to know that I have this great connection with someone on Broadway makes me feel a lot better about my chances.”

At press time, there has been no word on how the August Wilson Theater will find space backstage for Bus #3268. However, construction crews have been seen visiting the theater in recent weeks, with sources telling us that they’re hard at work building the largest, most durable dressing room in Broadway history.

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Mar 06, 2020

Surprised they didn't consider M60 to LaGuardia, the Teri Hatcher of of buses.

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