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REPORT: "Springtime for Hitler" Still Popular for Some Reason

by Sarah Rabinowitz. @SarahRabinowitz.

NEW YORK, NY. - With an undisguised air of frustration, Broadway producers Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom announced on Friday that their wildly offensive musical, Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden, is somehow still popular in the year 2021, the confused creators confirmed.

“This whole thing was designed to fail,” recounted Bialystock, dodging autograph requests from a gaggle of Proud Boys. “We put together a team of racist idiots thinking that people wouldn’t take them seriously and boy were we wrong. The damn show refuses to go out of fashion no matter how much time passes.”

Rachel Conover, an usher for the show who shockingly has not yet been radicalized by the “love letter to Hitler” despite having seen it over 400 times, noted that audience enthusiasm has only grown in the last few years.

“People have started showing up in costume,” explained Conover, sweeping up Oakley wraparound sunglasses forgotten underneath the seats. “In January, there was even one man wearing face paint and a furry hat with horns. I caught him crying during Hitler’s 11th hour song, ‘Methamtheta-Mein Kampf.’”

Franz Liebkind, the bird keeper and ex-Nazi behind the musical’s script, was not at all surprised by the show’s continued success.

“Of course people love this musical. Nobody questions the popularity of Hamilton,” lamented Liebkind, throwing darts at a portrait of Winston Churchill. “Both are about men in love who happen to have some ‘craaaaazy’ ideas about government. The men who say what we’re all thinking but are afraid to say out loud.”

At press time, Bialystock and Bloom were confident that their upcoming musical, Summertime for Stalin: An Extended Ode to the Police State and Cult of Personality, had no chance of finding an audience in 21st century America.


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