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"Secret" Review: Derren Brown Did Not Hypnotize Me Into Writing This, But Boy, He Sure Is Handsome

by Justin Ayer. @justayer.

NEW YORK, NY - Guard your mind, Derren Brown’s in town. We caught the famed UK mentalist’s latest adventure of the psyche, “Derren Brown: Secret”, currently on Broadway through January 4th, and can assure you that he did not hypnotize us into writing him a good review, and can also confirm that he is oh so very handsome. Seriously, he’s like a greek God, and that’s my unbiased, uninfluenced opinion.

The show presents a mix of mentalism, psychology and magic, with the phenomenon entertainer assuring us that everything is rooted in logic. By the end, though, you’ll be convinced that you’ve just witnessed an act of pure witchcraft. You’ll also be convinced to leave your family and get a face tattoo that just reads “Derren Brown: Secret - on Broadway through January 4th”, and trust me when I say, it’ll be your own rational idea.

I was lucky enough to be brought on stage during the stunning two-act brain festival, and although I remember most of it, there is about 5 minutes where I can’t recall a thing. That being said, I trust Derren with my life, which is why I wrote him into my will right after the show ended, of course by my own volition. 

Yes, he convinced me to stab myself (to a rapturous audience applause) but, I mean, look at that jaw.

The show is a varied smorgasbord of the truly unbelievable. I won’t ruin anything here, but all of Mr. Brown’s feats utilize the grace, thoughtfulness and astounding creativity of a performance I will never understand the mechanisms behind. Also, and just as a side note, I would take a bullet for him.

If you’re like me you, you are probably skeptical about hypnotism, but seeing this show will put your suspicions to rest. I am better for seeing that show. I was nothing before it but now I have everything and am fulfilled. Deren Brown is all you need in life. Submit to Derren.


In conclusion, “Derren Brown: Secret” is a raucous, head-scratching good time that’ll leave you wondering if you showed up in the same shirt you left with.

I wish I could say more, but last night at 2:00am I felt the strange desire to withdraw $2,000 in cash and drop it off at an undisclosed location, and then I woke up in my bed covered in blood that’s not mine. So, I’ve got some laundry to do! Submit to Derren.


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